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Diamond Ruff Movie
Writer/Executive Producer

Based on the national bestselling novel of the same title, Diamond Ruff tells the story of a young orphan, con artist, crime boss and millionaire, who has seen it all. In prison for a murder he did not commit, he meets a Reverend, who overwhelms him with kindness, character and faith in God.


Young Studios and Fatherworks of the Village for Family and Children produced and cast a non-profit short “K-Skillz,” about the life of a young man as he tries to navigate the challenges of fatherhood and adulthood simultaneously.

It's Christmas, Dr. Joe
Scruples “It’s Christmas, Dr. Joe”

The half-hour film, “It’s Christmas Dr. Joe,” features Young’s cast of multicultural orphans who must find the true meaning of Christmas as they struggle with bullying, diversity and peer pressure.

Are You Sleeping?
“Are You Sleeping?!” Music Video
Director / Co-Writer

Joe and his son created this motivational music video to pre-promote the Diamond Ruff Project. This video was distributed world-wide by various media and retail outlets by HIP Video Promotion. The video features Rapper Kyle Young, Singer Natasha
Ramos and Actor Jim Noble.



Scruples the Legend Begins…

A graphic novel with two short stories and thirteen mirths featuring the lovable Scruples characters.

Amazon Bestseller
Amazon Best Seller
Diamond Ruff Novel

Diamond Ruff is an Amazon Bestselling novel based in Joe’s hometown of Hartford, Connecticut. The story focuses on a 28-year-old multi-millionaire street smart con artist, Diamond Ruff, who meets a charismatic Generation X Martin Luther King Jr. – type, Reverend Trek Woods. The plot is filled with excitement, romance, thrills, faith and redemption. The two men form a bond that changes each others lives.

Joe Young Copyright 2014
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